Export and Import Structure by Country (HS)
Publication date: 2023-10-08
Reporting period: 2023-07 - 2017-10
Timeseries: 40 million
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Azerbaijan | Exports | World | 2021-12

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Top exported products from Azerbaijan in 2021-12:

  • 43% ($ 1.05 billion) - 2711 - Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons
  • 38% ($ 933 million) - 2709 - Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals; crude
  • 2.39% ($ 57 million) - 2710 - Petroleum oils, oils from bituminous minerals, not crude; preparations n.e.s. containing less than 70% petroleum oils, oils from bituminous minerals; these being the basic constituents of the preparations
  • 1.59% ($ 38 million) - 0810 - Fruit, fresh; n.e.s. in chapter 8
  • 1.11% ($ 26 million) - 3911 - Petroleum resins, coumarone-indene resins, polyterpenes, polysulphides, polysulphones and similar products of chemical synthesis n.e.s. in chapter 39, in primary forms
  • 1.1% ($ 26 million) - 3902 - Polymers of propylene or of other olefins, in primary forms
  • 1.04% ($ 25 million) - 3102 - Fertilizers; mineral or chemical, nitrogenous
  • 0.844% ($ 20 million) - 5201 - Cotton; not carded or combed
  • 0.816% ($ 19.6 million) - 0702 - Tomatoes; fresh or chilled
  • 0.755% ($ 18.1 million) - 2716 - Electrical energy
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    6805. Abrasive powder or grain; natural or artificial, on a base of textile material, of paper, paperboard or of other material, whether or not cut to shape or sewn or otherwise made up3,165.00
    3906. Acrylic polymers in primary forms3,000.00
    2905. Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives14,840,013.00
    8415. Air conditioning machines; comprising a motor driven fan and elements for changing the temperature and humidity, including those machines in which the humidity cannot be separately regulated33,399.00
    8414. Air or vacuum pumps, air or other gas compressors and fans; ventilating or recycling hoods incorporating a fan whether or not fitted with filters64,210.00
    7224. Alloy steel in ingots or other primary forms, semi-finished products of other alloy steel460,085.00
    7612. Aluminium casks, drums, cans, boxes etc (including rigid, collapsible tubular containers), for materials other than compressed, liquefied gas, 300l capacity or less, lined, heat-insulated or not18,385.00
    7607. Aluminium foil (whether or not printed or backed with paper, paperboard, plastics or similar backing materials) of a thickness (excluding any backing) not exceeding 0.2mm93.00
    7616. Aluminium; articles n.e.s. in chapter 762,159.00
    7604. Aluminium; bars, rods and profiles164,163.00
    7606. Aluminium; plates, sheets and strip, thickness exceeding 0.2mm16,902,948.00
    7610. Aluminium; structures (excluding prefabricated buildings of heading no. 9406) and parts (eg bridges and sections, towers, lattice masts, etc) plates, rods, profiles and tubes for structures44,567.00
    7609. Aluminium; tube or pipe fittings (eg couplings, elbows, sleeves)2.00
    7601. Aluminium; unwrought6,442,294.00
    1516. Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their fractions; partly or wholly hydrogenated, inter-esterified, re-esterified or elaidinised, whether or not refined, but not further prepared1,102,582.00
    1518. Animal or vegetable fats, oils, fractions, modified in any way, excluding heading no. 1516; inedible versions of animal or vegetable fats, oils or fractions of this chapter, n.e.s. or included54,148.00
    0511. Animal products not elsewhere specified or included; dead animals of chapter 1 or 3, unfit for human consumption118,439.00
    0106. Animals; live, n.e.c. in chapter 0123,445.00
    3820. Anti-freezing preparations and prepared de-icing fluids9,659.00
    0808. Apples, pears and quinces; fresh4,900,347.00
    4015. Articles of apparel and clothing accessories (including gloves, mittens and mitts), for all purposes, of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber6.00
    4203. Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, of leather or of composition leather2,006.00
    3926. Articles of plastics and articles of other materials of heading no. 3901 to 3914, n.e.s. in chapter 3929,370.00
    4016. Articles of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber, n.e.s. in chapter 4012,831.00
    5609. Articles of yarn, strip or the like of heading no. 5404 or 5405; twine, cordage, rope or cables n.e.s. or included38,414.00
    3801. Artificial graphite; colloidal or semi-colloidal graphite; preparations based on graphite or other carbon in the form of pastes, blocks, plates or other semi-manufactures120,361.00
    8471. Automatic data processing machines and units thereof; magnetic or optical readers, machines for transcribing data onto data media in coded form and machines for processing such data n.e.s.41,009.00
    8715. Baby carriages and parts thereof40.00
    8482. Ball or roller bearings16,069.00
    1003. Barley1,028,659.00
    8302. Base metal mountings, fittings and similar articles for furniture, doors, staircases, windows, trunks, chests etc, castors with mountings of base metal, automatic door closers of base metal21,877.00
    6302. Bed linen, table linen, toilet linen and kitchen linen60,289.00
    8306. Bells, gongs and the like; non-electric, statuettes, other ornaments, photograph, picture, similar frames, mirrors, of base metal462.00
    8712. Bicycles and other cycles; including delivery tricycles, not motorised2,441.00
    6301. Blankets and travelling rugs14.00
    6206. Blouses, shirts and shirt-blouses; women's or girls' (not knitted or crocheted)14,033.00
    6106. Blouses, shirts and shirt-blouses; women's or girls', knitted or crocheted2,791.00
    8537. Boards, panels, consoles, desks, cabinets, bases with apparatus of heading no. 8535, 8536 for electricity control and distribution, (other than switching apparatus of heading no. 8517)224,413.00
    8907. Boats, floating structures, other (for eg rafts, tanks, coffer-dams, landing stages, buoys and beacons)15,625.00
    8440. Book-binding machinery; including book-sewing machines23,780.00
    2302. Bran, sharps and other residues; whether or not in the form of pellets derived from the sifting, milling or other working of cereals or of leguminous plants579,808.00
    6212. Brassieres, girdles, corsets, braces, suspenders, garters and similar articles and parts thereof; whether or not knitted or crocheted3.00
    1905. Bread, pastry, cakes, biscuits, other bakers' wares, whether or not containing cocoa; communion wafers, empty cachets suitable for pharmaceutical use, sealing wafers, rice paper and similar products275,166.00
    9020. Breathing appliances and gas masks; excluding protective masks having neither mechanical parts nor replaceable filters and excluding apparatus of item no. 9019.20315.00
    9603. Brooms, brushes (including parts of machines), hand operated floor sweepers, mops and feather dusters; knots and tufts for broom or brush making; paint pads and rollers; squeegees10,201.00
    1008. Buckwheat, millet and canary seeds; other cereals9.00
    9406. Buildings; prefabricated51,927.00
    8429. Bulldozers, graders, levellers, scrapers, angledozers, mechanical shovels, excavators, shovel loaders, tamping machines and road rollers, self-propelled90,820.00
    0405. Butter and other fats and oils derived from milk; dairy spreads895,170.00
    0704. Cabbages, cauliflowers, kohlrabi, kale and similar edible brassicas; fresh or chilled4,225.00
    8470. Calculating machines, accounting machines, cash registers, postage-franking machines, ticket-issuing machines and similar machines, incorporating a calculating device35.00
    9006. Cameras, photographic (excluding cinematographic); photographic flashlight apparatus and flashbulbs other than discharge lamps of heading no. 85394,716.00
    3406. Candles, tapers and the like408.00
    1701. Cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form4,257,620.00
    8545. Carbon electrodes, carbon brushes, lamp carbons, battery carbons and other articles of graphite or other carbon; with or without metal, of a kind used for electrical purposes69,229.00
    2836. Carbonates; peroxocarbonates (percarbonates); commercial ammonium carbonate containing ammonium carbamate3,506.00
    7010. Carboys, bottles, flasks, jars, pots, phials, ampoules, containers of glass of a kind used for the conveyance or packing of goods; preserving jars of glass; stoppers, lids and other closures of glass11,021.00
    5701. Carpets and other textile floor coverings; knotted, whether or not made up180.00
    5703. Carpets and other textile floor coverings; tufted, whether or not made up3,011.00
    5702. Carpets and other textile floor coverings; woven, (not tufted or flocked), whether or not made up, including kelem, schumacks, karamanie and similar hand-woven rugs32,185.00
    0706. Carrots, turnips, salad beetroot, salsify, celeriac, radishes and similar edible roots; fresh or chilled9,658.00
    4819. Cartons, boxes, cases, bags and the like, of paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding or fibres; box files, letter trays and the like, of paper or paperboard, of a kind used in offices, shops or the like271.00
    8506. Cells and batteries; primary877.00
    3912. Cellulose and its chemical derivatives, n.e.s. or included, in primary forms3,000.00
    6810. Cement, concrete or artificial stone; whether or not reinforced, articles thereof8,550.00
    8403. Central heating boilers; excluding those of heading no. 840223,662.00
    8421. Centrifuges, including centrifugal dryers; filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus for liquids or gases32,646.00
    6904. Ceramic building bricks, floor blocks, support or filler tiles and the like4,992.00
    6912. Ceramic tableware, kitchenware, other household articles and toilet articles; other than of porcelain or china100.00
    0406. Cheese and curd135,783.00
    1806. Chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa1,159,992.00
    2402. Cigars, cheroots, cigarillos and cigarettes; of tobacco or of tobacco substitutes277,825.00
    0805. Citrus fruit; fresh or dried397,424.00
    8308. Clasps; frames with clasps, buckles, hooks, eyes, eyelets etc used for clothing, footwear, awnings, handbags, travel goods or other articles, tubular, bifurcated rivets, beads, spangles, of base metal186.00
    2508. Clays; (not including expanded clays of heading no. 6806), andalusite kyanite and sillimanite, whether or not calcined; mullite; chamotte or dinas earth681,755.00
    9105. Clocks, other, n.e.s.3,212.00
    6217. Clothing accessories n.e.s.; parts of garments or accessories other than those of heading no. 6212 (not knitted or crocheted)174.00
    6117. Clothing accessories; made up, knitted or crocheted, knitted or crocheted parts of garments or of clothing accessories215.00
    2701. Coal; briquettes, ovoids and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal18,502.00
    6101. Coats; men's or boys' overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks, ski-jackets, wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles; knitted or crocheted, other than those of heading no. 61039,900.00
    6102. Coats; women's or girls' overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks, ski-jackets, wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles, knitted or crocheted, other than those of heading no. 610434.00
    6202. Coats; women's or girls' overcoats, carcoats, capes, cloaks, anoraks, ski-jackets, wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles, other than those of heading no. 6204 (not knitted or crocheted)5,946.00
    3206. Colouring matter and preparations thereof n.e.s. in heading no. 3203, 3204, 3205; inorganic products, kind used as luminophores whether or not chemically defined737.00
    9615. Combs, hair-slides and similar; hairpins, curling pins, curling grips and hair curlers and the like, other than those of heading no. 8516 and parts thereof383.00
    9999. Commodities not specified according to kind971,990.00
    7311. Containers for compressed or liquefied gas, of iron or steel43,544.00
    8609. Containers; (including containers for transport of fluids) specially designed and equipped for carriage by one or more modes of transport1,004.00
    8454. Converters, ladles, ingot moulds and casting machines; of a kind used metallurgy or in metal foundries6,500.00
    4010. Conveyor or transmission belts or belting, of vulcanised rubber15,740.00
    2603. Copper ores and concentrates2,510,963.00
    7408. Copper wire221,956.00
    7403. Copper; refined and copper alloys, unwrought682,752.00
    7413. Copper; stranded wire, cables, plaited bands and the like, not electrically insulated58,618.00
    7412. Copper; tube or pipe fittings (eg couplings, elbows, sleeves)349.00
    7402. Copper; unrefined, copper anodes for electrolytic refining206,616.00
    3304. Cosmetic and toilet preparations; beauty, make-up and skin care preparations (excluding medicaments, including sunscreen or sun tan preparations), manicure or pedicure preparations5,350.00
    5202. Cotton waste (including yarn waste and garnetted stock)244,198.00
    5205. Cotton yarn (other than sewing thread), containing 85% or more by weight of cotton, not put up for retail sale6,653,925.00
    5201. Cotton; not carded or combed20,322,051.00
    0707. Cucumbers and gherkins; fresh or chilled923,618.00
    8215. Cutlery; spoons, forks, ladles, skimmers, cake-servers, fish-knives, butter knives, sugar tongs and similar kitchen or tableware1,201.00
    8422. Dish washing machines; machinery for cleaning, drying, filling, closing, sealing, capsuling or labelling bottles, cans, boxes, bags, etc, machinery for aerating beverages699.00
    9017. Drawing, marking-out, mathematical calculating instruments (drafting machines, protractors, drawing sets etc); instruments for measuring length (eg measuring rods, tapes, micrometers, callipers) n.e.s.962.00
    8515. Electric (electrically heated gas) soldering, brazing, welding machines and apparatus, capable or not of cutting, electric machines and apparatus for hot spraying of metals or sintered carbides8,416.00
    8507. Electric accumulators, including separators therefor; whether or not rectangular (including square)38,817.00
    8502. Electric generating sets and rotary converters97,317.00
    8501. Electric motors and generators (excluding generating sets)27,580.00
    8503. Electric motors and generators; parts suitable for use solely or principally with the machines of heading no. 8501 or 8502220.00
    8504. Electric transformers, static converters (eg rectifiers) and inductors309,258.00
    8516. Electric water, space, soil heaters; electro-thermic hair-dressing apparatus; hand dryers, irons; electro-thermic appliances for domestic purposes; electro heating resistors, not of heading no. 8545128,112.00
    8536. Electrical apparatus for switching, protecting electrical circuits, for making connections to or in electrical circuits, for a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts; connectors for optical fibres, optical fibre bundles or cables11,466.00
    8538. Electrical apparatus; parts suitable for use solely or principally with the apparatus of heading no. 8535, 8536 and 853757,699.00
    8532. Electrical capacitors; fixed, variable or adjustable (pre-set)53.00
    2716. Electrical energy18,177,691.00
    8543. Electrical machines and apparatus; having individual functions, not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter13,564.00
    8505. Electro-magnets; permanent magnets, intended permanent magnets; electro-magnetic, permanent magnet chucks, clamps, similar; electromagnetic couplings, clutches, brakes; electro-magnetic lifting heads1,225.00
    8509. Electro-mechanical domestic appliances; with self-contained electric motor, other than vacuum cleaners of heading 85.08.27,428.00
    8542. Electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies2,198.00
    8412. Engines and motors; n.e.s. (eg reaction engines, hydraulic power engines, pneumatic power engines)2,554.00
    4817. Envelopes, letter cards, plain postcards and correspondence cards, of paper, paperboard; boxes, pouches, wallets and writing compendiums, of paper or paperboard containing assortment of paper stationery80.00
    2207. Ethyl alcohol, undenatured; of an alcoholic strength by volume of 80% vol. or higher; ethyl alcohol and other spirits, denatured, of any strength41,325.00
    2208. Ethyl alcohol, undenatured; of an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 80% volume; spirits, liqueurs, other beverages; compound alcoholic preparations of a kind used for the manufacture of beverages686,363.00
    2101. Extracts, essences, concentrates of coffee, tea or mate; preparations with a basis of these products or with a basis of coffee, tea or mate; roasted chicory and other roasted coffee substitutes and extracts, essences and concentrates thereof1,628.00
    1502. Fats of bovine animals, sheep or goats; raw or rendered, whether or not pressed or solvent-extracted11,605.00
    2206. Fermented beverages, n.e.s. in chapter 22; (eg cider, perry, mead)206,881.00
    7202. Ferro-alloys1,985,864.00
    3101. Fertilizers; animal or vegetable, whether or not mixed together or chemically treated; fertilizers produced by the mixing or chemical treatment of animal or vegetable products91,200.00
    3102. Fertilizers; mineral or chemical, nitrogenous25,128,733.00
    9505. Festive, carnival or other entertainment articles, including conjuring tricks and novelty jokes712.00
    3809. Finishing agents, dye carriers to accelerate the dyeing, fixing of dyestuffs, other products and preparations, of a kind used in the textile, paper, leather or like industries, n.e.s. or included168.00
    0303. Fish; frozen, excluding fish fillets and other fish meat of heading 030443,450.00
    1515. Fixed vegetable fats and oils (including jojoba oil) and their fractions, whether or not refined; but not chemically modified135,404.00
    0603. Flowers; cut flowers and flower buds of a kind suitable for bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, dried, dyed, bleached, impregnated or otherwise prepared22,436.00
    2801. Fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine770,400.00
    0604. Foliage, branches and other parts of plants, without flowers or flower buds, and grasses, mosses and lichens; suitable for bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, dried, dyed, bleached, impregnated etc.19,115.00
    2106. Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included24,544.00
    6405. Footwear; other footwear n.e.s. in chapter 6410,353.00
    6406. Footwear; parts of footwear; removable in-soles, heel cushions and similar articles; gaiters, leggings and similar articles, and parts thereof11,237.00
    6401. Footwear; waterproof, with outer soles and uppers of rubber or plastics, (uppers not fixed to the sole nor assembled by stitch, rivet, nail, screw, plug or similar)150.00
    6402. Footwear; with outer soles and uppers of rubber or plastics (excluding waterproof footwear)9,560.00
    6403. Footwear; with outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather and uppers of leather4,781.00
    6404. Footwear; with outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather and uppers of textile materials8,461.00
    0811. Fruit and nuts; uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water, frozen, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter17,950.00
    2009. Fruit juices (including grape must) and vegetable juices, unfermented, not containing added spirit; whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter1,959,758.00
    0813. Fruit, dried, other than that of heading no. 0801 to 0806; mixtures of nuts or dried fruits of this chapter333,888.00
    0810. Fruit, fresh; n.e.s. in chapter 838,422,949.00
    2008. Fruit, nuts and other edible parts of plants; prepared or preserved in ways n.e.s., whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter or spirit, not elsewhere specified or included644,300.00
    8416. Furnace burners for liquid fuel, for pulverised solid fuel or for gas; mechanical grates, mechanical ash dischargers and similar appliances19.00
    9403. Furniture and parts thereof, n.e.s. in chapter 94336,491.00
    6111. Garments and clothing accessories, babies'; knitted or crocheted22,891.00
    6209. Garments and clothing accessories; babies' (not knitted or crocheted)11,618.00
    6210. Garments made up of fabrics of heading no. 5602, 5603, 5903, 5906 or 5907 (not knitted or crocheted)5.00
    6114. Garments; knitted or crocheted, n.e.s. in chapter 6145.00
    8484. Gaskets and similar joints of metal sheeting combined with other material; sets or assortments of gaskets and the like, dissimilar in composition, put in pouches, envelopes or the like430.00
    0910. Ginger, saffron, tumeric (curcuma), thyme, bay leaves, curry and other spices34,326.00
    7019. Glass fibres (including glass wool) and articles thereof (eg yarn, woven fabrics)973.00
    7009. Glass mirrors; whether or not framed, including rear-view mirrors3,475.00
    7020. Glass; articles n.e.s. in chapter 70190.00
    7005. Glass; float glass and surface ground or polished glass, in sheets, whether or not having an absorbent, reflecting or non-reflecting layer, but not otherwise worked1,608,633.00
    7008. Glass; multiple-walled insulating units of glass9,802.00
    7013. Glassware of a kind used for table, kitchen, toilet, office, indoor decoration or similar purposes (other than of heading no. 7010 or 7018)3,690.00
    3214. Glaziers' putty, grafting putty, resin cements, caulking compounds and other mastics; painters' fillings; non-refractory surfacing preparations for facades, indoor walls, floors, ceilings or the like205,505.00
    6216. Gloves, mittens and mitts (not knitted or crocheted)168.00
    6116. Gloves, mittens and mitts; knitted or crocheted201.00
    7108. Gold (including gold plated with platinum) unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form17,787,991.00
    0806. Grapes; fresh or dried294,415.00
    0504. Guts, bladders and stomachs of animals (other than fish); whole and pieces thereof, fresh, chilled, frozen, salted, in brine, dried or smoked242,557.00
    9506. Gymnastics, athletics, other sports (including table tennis) or outdoor games equipment, n.e.s. in this chapter, swimming pools and paddling pools19,356.00
    2520. Gypsum; anhydrite; plasters (consisting of calcined gypsum or calcium sulphate), coloured or not, with or without small quantities of accelerators or retarders453,607.00
    3305. Hair preparations; for use on the hair494.00
    8433. Harvesting and threshing machinery, straw and fodder balers, grass or hay mowers; machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other agricultural produce, other than machinery of heading no 8437166,445.00
    6505. Hats and other headgear; knitted or crocheted, or made up from lace, felt or other textile fabric, in the piece (but not in strips), whether or not lined or trimmed; hair-nets of any material, whether or not lined or trimmed1,528.00
    6504. Hats and other headgear; plaited or made by assembling strips of any material, whether or not lined or trimmed58.00
    6506. Headgear; n.e.s. in chapter 65, whether or not lined or trimmed378.00
    0409. Honey; natural1,271.00
    0101. Horses, asses, mules and hinnies; live41,300.00
    6115. Hosiery; panty hose, tights, stockings, socks and other hosiery, including stockings for varicose veins and footwear without applied soles, knitted or crocheted6,710.00
    8450. Household or laundry-type washing machines; including machines which both wash and dry6,942.00
    3002. Human blood; animal blood for therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic uses; antisera, other blood fractions, immunological products, modified or obtained by biotechnological processes; vaccines, toxins, cultures of micro-organisms (excluding yeasts) etc23,640.00
    2847. Hydrogen peroxide; whether or not solidified with urea779.00
    2804. Hydrogen, rare gases and other non-metals21,420.00
    9025. Hydrometers and similar floating instruments, thermometers, pyrometers, barometers, hygrometers and psychrometers, recording or not50.00
    2105. Ice cream and other edible ice; whether or not containing cocoa63,632.00
    8511. Ignition or starting equipment; used for spark-ignition or compression-ignition internal combustion engines; generators and cut outs used in conjunction with such engines8,786.00
    7117. Imitation jewellery4,918.00
    3808. Insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides, anti-sprouting products, plant growth regulators, disinfectants and the like, put up in forms or packings for retail sale or as preparations or articles22.00
    9027. Instruments and apparatus; for physical or chemical analysis (eg polarimeters, spectrometers), for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, etc, for measuring quantities of heat, sound or light114.00
    9018. Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences, including scintigraphic apparatus, other electro-medical apparatus and sight testing instruments23,921.00
    9026. Instruments, apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level, pressure of liquids, gases (eg flow meters, heat meters etc), not instruments and apparatus of heading no. 9014, 9015, 9028 or 903213,086.00
    9030. Instruments, apparatus for measuring, checking electrical quantities not meters of heading no. 9028; instruments, apparatus for measuring or detecting alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray, cosmic and other radiations34,328.00
    8544. Insulated wire, cable and other electric conductors, connector fitted or not; optical fibre cables of individually sheathed fibres, whether or not assembled with electric conductors or fitted with connectors312,027.00
    7214. Iron or non-alloy steel; bars and rods, not further worked than forged, hot-rolled, hot drawn or hot-extruded, but including those twisted after rolling2,942,081.00
    7210. Iron or non-alloy steel; flat-rolled products, width 600mm or more, clad, plated or coated2,882.00
    7207. Iron or non-alloy steel; semi-finished products thereof1,111,427.00
    7326. Iron or steel; articles, n.e.s. in chapter 7311,828.00
    7325. Iron or steel; cast articles235,118.00
    2601. Iron ores and concentrates; including roasted iron pyrites55,903.00
    2007. Jams, fruit jellies, marmalades, fruit or nut puree and fruit or nut pastes, being cooked preparations; whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter280,247.00
    6110. Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats and similar articles; knitted or crocheted13,068.00
    7113. Jewellery articles and parts thereof, of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal345,517.00
    8208. Knives and cutting blades, for machines or for mechanical appliances116.00
    9405. Lamps, light fittings; including searchlights, spotlights and parts thereof, n.e.s.; illuminated signs, name-plates and the like, having permanently fixed light source and parts thereof n.e.s. or included1,237.00
    8513. Lamps; portable, electric, designed to function by their own source of energy (eg dry batteries, accumulators, magnetos), excluding lighting equipment of heading no. 8512180.00
    7801. Lead; unwrought1,607,155.00
    0705. Lettuce (lactuca sativa) and chicory (cichorium spp.) fresh or chilled93,333.00
    9013. Liquid crystal devices not constituting articles provided for more specifically in other headings; lasers, not laser diodes; other optical appliances and instruments n.e.s. in this chapter361.00
    8465. Machine-tools; (including machines for nailing, stapling, glueing or otherwise assembling) for working wood, cork, bone, hard plastics or rubber or similar hard materials2,876,509.00
    8462. Machine-tools; (including presses) for working metal by forging, hammering or die-stamping, for bending, folding, straightening, flattening, shearing or punching metal10,580.00
    8459. Machine-tools; (including way-type unit head machines) for drilling, boring, milling, threading or tapping by removing metal, other than lathes of heading no. 845816,000.00
    8460. Machine-tools; for deburring, sharpening, grinding, honing, lapping, polishing or otherwise finishing metal, sintered metal carbides or cermets by means of grinding stones, abrasives or polishing products7,410.00
    8461. Machine-tools; for planing, shaping, slotting, broaching, gear cutting and grinding, finishing, sawing, cutting off and other tools working by removing metal, sintered metal carbides or cermets n.e.s.510.00
    8463. Machine-tools; n.e.s. for working metal, sintered metal carbides or cermets without removing material1,275.00
    8451. Machinery (not of heading no. 8450) for washing, cleaning, wringing, drying, ironing, pressing, bleaching, dyeing, dressing, finishing, coating or impregnating textile yarn, fabrics or made up articles9,443.00
    8468. Machinery and apparatus for soldering, brazing, welding, whether or not capable of cutting, other than those of heading no. 8515; gas-operated surface tempering machines and appliances52.00
    8479. Machinery and mechanical appliances; having individual functions, n.e.s. in this chapter10,754.00
    8474. Machinery for sorting, screening, separating, washing, crushing, grinding, mixing or kneading earth, stone, ores in solid form, shaping, moulding machinery for solid mineral fuels413,000.00
    8487. Machinery parts; not containing electrical connectors, insulators, coils, contacts or other electrical features, n.e.c. in this chapter98.00
    8431. Machinery parts; used solely or principally with the machinery of heading no. 8425 to 8430123,851.00
    8442. Machinery, apparatus and equipment (excluding machine-tools of heading no. 8456 to 8465) for preparing or making printing components; plates, cylinders and other printing components; lithographic stones prepared for printing purposes3,515.00
    8419. Machinery, plant or laboratory equipment for the treatment of materials by a process involving change of temperature (ie heating, cooking, etc); instantaneous or storage water heaters, non-electric73,484.00
    8473. Machinery; parts and accessories (other than covers, carrying cases and the like) suitable for use solely or principally with machines of headings 84.70 to 84.72165,848.00
    9024. Machines and appliances for testing the hardness, strength, compressibility, elasticity of other mechanical properties of materials (eg metals, wood, textiles, paper, plastics)1,705.00
    9033. Machines and appliances, instruments or apparatus of chapter 90; parts and accessories n.e.s. in chapter 901,799.00
    1005. Maize (corn)8.00
    2403. Manufactured tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes; n.e.s., homogenised or reconstituted tobacco; tobacco extracts, essences11,343.00
    1517. Margarine; edible mixtures or preparations of animal or vegetable fats or oils or of fractions of different fats or oils of this chapter, other than edible fats or oils of heading no. 1516417,572.00
    9404. Mattress supports; articles of bedding (eg mattresses, quilts, eiderdowns, cushions pouffes and pillows), fitted with springs or stuffed, whether or not covered1,906.00
    9031. Measuring or checking instruments, appliances and machines, n.e.s. or included in this chapter; profile projectors110,795.00
    0207. Meat and edible offal of poultry; of the poultry of heading no. 0105, (ie fowls of the species gallus domesticus), fresh, chilled or frozen78,000.00
    8424. Mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powders; fire extinguishers, spray guns, steam, sand blasting machines51,175.00
    8523. Media, unrecorded; prepared, for sound recording or similar recording of other phenomena, (excluding products of chapter 37)8,873.00
    3004. Medicaments; (not goods of heading no. 3002, 3005 or 3006) consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic use, put up in measured doses or in forms or packings for retail sale72,448.00
    8455. Metal-rolling mills and rolls therefor5,839.00
    8518. Microphones and their stands; loudspeakers, mounted or not in their enclosures; headphones and earphones, combined or not with a microphone, and sets of a microphone and one or more loudspeakers; audio frequency and electric sound amplifiers and sets1,880.00
    9012. Microscopes (excluding optical microscopes); diffraction apparatus700.00
    0402. Milk and cream; concentrated or containing added sugar or other sweetening matter334,006.00
    0401. Milk and cream; not concentrated, not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter301,481.00
    6804. Millstones, grindstones, grinding wheels, etc without frameworks, for grinding, sharpening, polishing, etc and parts thereof, natural stone, agglomerated natural or artificial abrasives or of ceramics1,390.00
    3916. Monofilament of which any cross-sectional dimension exceeds 1mm, rods, sticks and profile shapes, whether or not surface-worked but not otherwise worked, of plastics290,710.00
    9620. Monopods, bipods, tripods and similar articles217.00
    6802. Monumental or building stone, worked (except slate) and articles thereof (not of heading no. 6801) mosaic cubes etc., of natural stone including slate; artificially coloured granules of natural stone51,516.00
    8708. Motor vehicles; parts and accessories, of heading no. 8701 to 87055,823.00
    8711. Motorcycles (including mopeds) and cycles; fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without side-cars; side-cars19,820.00
    8430. Moving, grading, levelling, scraping, excavating, tamping, compacting, extracting or boring machinery, for earth, minerals, or ores; pile drivers and extractors; snow ploughs and snow blowers58,125.00
    9209. Musical instrument parts (for example, mechanisms for musical boxes) and accessories (for example, cards, discs and rolls for mechanical instruments); metronomes, tuning forks and pitch pipes235.00
    9202. Musical instruments; string, n.e.s. in heading no. 9201, (eg guitars, violins, harps)1,591.00
    9207. Musical instruments; the sound of which is produced or must be amplified, electrically (eg organs, guitars, accordions)179.00
    9205. Musical instruments; wind, (eg clarinets, trumpets, bagpipes)1,265.00
    7415. Nails, tacks, drawing pins, staples (not those of heading no. 8305) and the like, of copper or iron or steel with heads of copper; screws bolts, nuts, screws hooks, rivets, cotters, washers of copper3,508,454.00
    9014. Navigational instruments and appliances; direction finding compasses9,250.00
    4011. New pneumatic tyres, of rubber1,572.00
    0802. Nuts (excluding coconuts, Brazils and cashew nuts); fresh or dried, whether or not shelled or peeled14,315,484.00
    1004. Oats9.00
    1207. Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, others n.e.s. in chapter 12; whether or not broken1,648,415.00
    2306. Oil-cake and other solid residues; whether or not ground or in the form of pellets, resulting from the extraction of vegetable fats or oils other than those of heading no. 2304 or 23051,004,943.00
    2707. Oils and other products of the distillation of high temperature coal tar; similar products in which the weight of the aromatic constituents exceeds that of the non-aromatic constituents7,529,028.00
    3301. Oils; essential (concretes, absolutes); concentrates thereof in fats, fixed oils, waxes or the like (obtained by enfleurage or maceration); aqueous distillates, solutions and terpenic by-products thereof; resinoids; extracted oleoresins30,271.00
    1509. Olive oil and its fractions; whether or not refined, but not chemically modified8,366.00
    0703. Onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and other alliaceous vegetables; fresh or chilled48,785.00
    9001. Optical fibres and optical fibre bundles; optical fibre cables not of heading no. 8544; sheets, plates of polarising material; lenses, prisms, mirrors, of any material; unmounted; not non optical glass4,377.00
    3814. Organic composite solvents and thinners, not elsewhere specified or included; prepared paint or varnish removers2,215.00
    3402. Organic surface-active agents (not soap); surface-active, washing (including auxiliary washing) and cleaning preparations, containing soap or not, excluding those of heading no. 34019,071.00
    6201. Overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks (including ski-jackets), wind-cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles, men's or boys', other than those of heading no. 6203 (not knitted or crocheted)1,341.00
    4415. Packing cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings, of wood; cable-drums of wood; pallets, box pallets and other load boards, of wood; pallet collars of wood19,727.00
    8301. Padlocks and locks (key, combination, electrically operated) of base metal; clasps and frames with clasps incorporating locks, of base metal, keys for any or the foregoing articles, of base metal12.00
    9701. Paintings, drawings, pastels, executed entirely by hand; not drawings of heading no. 4906 and not hand-painted, hand-decorated manufactured articles; collages and similar decorative plaques12,408.00
    3209. Paints and varnishes (including enamels and lacquers) based on synthetic or chemically modified natural polymers, dispersed or dissolved in an aqueous medium43,598.00
    3208. Paints, varnishes; (enamels and lacquers) based on synthetic polymers or chemically modified natural polymers, dispersed or dissolved in a non-aqueous medium49,844.00
    4821. Paper or paperboard labels of all kinds, whether or not printed907.00
    4811. Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres, coated, impregnated, covered, surface-coloured, decorated or printed, rolls or sheets, other than goods of heading no. 4803, 4809, or 481080.00
    4823. Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres; cut to size or shape, articles of paper pulp, paper and paper-board, cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibres, n.e.s. in chapter 4893,498.00
    8466. Parts & accessories suited for use only/mainly with machines of headings 8456-8465, including work/tool holders, self-opening dieheads, dividing heads & other special attachments for the machines; tool holders for any type of tool for working in the hand16,824.00
    8409. Parts suitable for use solely or principally with the engines of heading no. 8407 or 8408245,612.00
    1902. Pasta; whether or not cooked or stuffed with meat or other substance, or otherwise prepared, egg spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, lasagne, gnocchi, ravioli, cannelloni; couscous, whether or not prepared102,052.00
    9608. Pens; ball-point, felt tipped, other porous tipped pens; fountain pens, stylograph pens duplicating stylos, propelling or sliding pencils; parts of the foregoing, excluding those of heading no. 960963.00
    3307. Perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations; pre-shave, shaving, after-shave, bath preparations; personal deodorants and depilatories; room deodorisers, perfumed or not with disinfectant properties or not38.00
    3303. Perfumes and toilet waters324,634.00
    2713. Petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen; other residues of petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals5,586,862.00
    2711. Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons1,056,911,155.00
    2709. Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals; crude933,505,185.00
    2710. Petroleum oils, oils from bituminous minerals, not crude; preparations n.e.s. containing less than 70% petroleum oils, oils from bituminous minerals; these being the basic constituents of the preparations57,644,229.00
    3911. Petroleum resins, coumarone-indene resins, polyterpenes, polysulphides, polysulphones and similar products of chemical synthesis n.e.s. in chapter 39, in primary forms26,892,688.00
    2835. Phosphinates (hypophosphites), phosphonates (phosphites), phosphates and polyphosphates15,795.00
    9201. Pianos; including automatic pianos, harpsichords and other keyboard stringed instruments600.00
    1211. Plants and parts of plants (including seeds and fruits), used primarily in perfumery, pharmacy; for insecticidal, fungicidal or similar purposes, fresh or dried, whether or not crushed or powdered127,530.00
    6809. Plaster or compositions based on plaster; articles thereof33,338.00
    3923. Plastic articles for the conveyance or packing of goods; stoppers, lids, caps and other closures of plastics205,037.00
    3921. Plastic plates, sheets, film, foil and strip n.e.s. in chapter 3923,332.00
    3925. Plastics; builders' wares n.e.s. or included34,405.00
    3920. Plastics; plates, sheets, film, foil and strip (not self-adhesive); non-cellular and not reinforced, laminated, supported or similarly combined with other materials, n.e.c. in chapter 3956,223.00
    4008. Plates, sheets, strip, rods and profile shapes, of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber33.00
    4412. Plywood, veneered panels and similar laminated wood74,189.00
    3405. Polishes, creams, scouring pastes, powders and similar; in any form, (including articles impregnated, coated or covered with such), for furniture, footwear, floors, coachwork, glass or metal114.00
    3901. Polymers of ethylene, in primary forms15,336,271.00
    3902. Polymers of propylene or of other olefins, in primary forms26,510,713.00
    3905. Polymers of vinyl acetate or of other vinyl esters, in primary forms; other vinyl polymers in primary forms1,089.00
    3904. Polymers of vinyl chloride or of other halogenated olefins, in primary forms2,594.00
    2523. Portland cement, aluminous cement (ciment fondu), slag cement, supersulphate cement and similar hydraulic cements, whether or not coloured or in the form of clinkers2,106,895.00
    0701. Potatoes; fresh or chilled204,602.00
    2309. Preparations of a kind used in animal feeding15,100.00
    3823. Prepared binders for foundry moulds or cores, chemical products and preparations and residual products of the chemical or allied industries, n.e.s. or included, *** NOTE*** data from this heading moved to new heading no. 3824 from 1 January 19968,791.00
    3824. Prepared binders for foundry moulds or cores; chemical products and preparations of the chemical or allied industries (including those consisting of mixtures of natural products), not elsewhere specified or included215,540.00
    3506. Prepared glues and other prepared adhesives, n.e.s. or included; products suitable for use as glues or adhesives, put up for retail sale as glues or adhesives, not exceeding 1kg net weight357.00
    1604. Prepared or preserved fish; caviar and caviar substitutes prepared from fish eggs133,299.00
    1602. Prepared or preserved meat, meat offal or blood33,528.00
    4901. Printed books, brochures, leaflets and similar printed matter, whether or not in single sheets10,100.00
    4911. Printed matter, n.e.s., including printed pictures and photographs458.00
    4909. Printed or illustrated postcards; printed cards bearing personal greetings, messages or announcements, whether or not illustrated, with or without envelopes or trimmings67.00
    8443. Printing machinery; used for printing by means of the printing type, blocks, plates, cylinders and other printing components of heading 84.42; ink-jet printing machines, other than those of heading 84.71; machines for uses ancillary to printing33,565.00
    8425. Pulley tackle and hoists other than skip hoists; winches and capstans; jacks237.00
    8413. Pumps; for liquids, whether or not fitted with measuring device, liquid elevators41,766.00
    2522. Quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime; other than calcium oxide and hydroxide of heading no. 2825147,932.00
    8526. Radar apparatus, radio navigational aid apparatus and radio remote control apparatus545.00
    6310. Rags; used or new, scrap twine, cordage, rope and cables and worn out articles of twine, cordage, rope or cables, of textile materials2,297.00
    8607. Railway or tramway locomotives or rolling stock; parts thereof169,764.00
    5002. Raw silk (not thrown)594,569.00
    4102. Raw skins of sheep or lambs (fresh, salted, dried, limed, pickled or otherwise preserved, but not further prepared), whether or not with wool on or split280,900.00
    3815. Reaction initiators, reaction accelerators and catalytic preparations n.e.s. or included29,995.00
    8527. Reception apparatus for radio-broadcasting, whether or not combined, in the same housing, with sound recording or reproducing apparatus or a clock.118.00
    8418. Refrigerators, freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment, electric or other; heat pumps other than air conditioning machines of heading no. 8415807,042.00
    4820. Registers, account books, diaries and similar; albums for samples or collections, of paper or paperboard4,119.00
    9032. Regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus; automatic type24,606.00
    7309. Reservoirs, tanks, vats and similar containers; for any material (excluding compressed or liquefied gas), of iron or steel, capacity exceeding 300l, whether or not lined or heat insulated750.00
    4012. Retreaded or used pneumatic tyres of rubber; solid or cushion tyres, tyre treads and tyre flaps, of rubber5,580.00
    9029. Revolution counter, production counters, taximeters, mileometers, pedometers and the like, speed indicators and tachometers, other than those of heading no. 9015, stroboscopes115.00
    1006. Rice9.00
    1002. Rye13.00
    6305. Sacks and bags, of a kind used for the packing of goods1,939,281.00
    8303. Safes; armoured or reinforced, strong-boxes, doors and safe deposit lockers for strong-rooms, cash or deed boxes and the like, of base metal100.00
    7007. Safety glass, consisting of toughened (tempered) or laminated glass370.00
    2501. Salt (including table salt and denatured salt); pure sodium chloride whether or not in aqueous solution; sea water187,800.00
    9619. Sanitary towels (pads) and tampons, napkins and napkin liners for babies and similar articles, of any material84,058.00
    3922. Sanitary ware; baths, shower-baths, wash-basins, bidets, lavatory pans, seats and covers, flushing cisterns and similar articles, of plastic30.00
    2103. Sauces and preparations therefor; mixed condiments and mixed seasonings, mustard flour and meal and prepared mustard96,834.00
    1601. Sausages and similar products of meat, meat offal or blood; food preparations based on these products11,478.00
    9616. Scent sprays and similar toilet sprays and mounts and heads therefor; powder-puffs and pads for the application of cosmetics or toilet preparations3,352.00
    8213. Scissors; tailors' shears and similar shears, and blades therefore115.00
    7318. Screws, bolts, nuts, coach screws, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotter-pins, washers (including spring washers) and similar articles, of iron or steel1,958.00
    9401. Seats (not those of heading no. 9402), whether or not convertible into beds and parts thereof28,751.00
    1209. Seeds, fruit and spores; of a kind used for sowing465.00
    3919. Self-adhesive plates, sheets, film, foil, tape, strip and other flat shapes, of plastics, whether or not in rolls5,309.00
    8452. Sewing machines; other than book-sewing machines of heading no. 8440; furniture, bases and covers specially designed for sewing machines; sewing machine needles900.00
    8510. Shavers, hair clippers and hair removing appliances, with self-contained electric motor2,144.00
    6214. Shawls, scarves, mufflers, mantillas, veils and the like (not knitted or crocheted)1,673.00
    0104. Sheep and goats; live1,350.00
    6205. Shirts; men's or boys' (not knitted or crocheted)5,339.00
    6105. Shirts; men's or boys', knitted or crocheted6,565.00
    8531. Signalling apparatus; electric sound or visual (eg bells, sirens, indicator panels, burglar or fire alarms), excluding those of heading no. 8512 or 8530495.00
    3910. Silicones in primary forms101.00
    5003. Silk waste (including cocoons unsuitable for reeling, yarn waste and garnetted stock)56,960.00
    5001. Silk-worm cocoons suitable for reeling199,644.00
    7106. Silver (including silver plated with gold or platinum); unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms, or in powder form124,583.00
    6208. Singlets and other vests, slips, petticoats, briefs, panties, nightdresses, pyjamas, negligees, bathrobes, dressing gowns and similar articles; women's or girls' (not knitted or crocheted)3.00
    6207. Singlets and other vests, underpants, briefs, night-shirts, pyjamas, bathrobes, dressing gowns and similar articles; men's or boys' (not knitted or crocheted)15.00
    2620. Slag, ash and residues; (not from the manufacture of iron or steel) containing metals, arsenic or their compounds139.00
    6806. Slag, rock wool and similar mineral wools; exfoliated vermiculite, expanded clays, foamed slag, mixtures and articles of heat, sound insulating or sound-absorbing mineral materials70.00
    6108. Slips, petticoats, briefs, panties, nightdresses, pyjamas, negligees, bathrobes, dressing gowns and similar articles; women's or girls', knitted or crocheted648.00
    3401. Soap; organic surface-active products and preparations for use as soap, in the form of bars, cakes, moulded pieces or shapes, containing soap or not; paper, wadding, felt and nonwovens, impregnated, coated or covered with soap or detergent34,642.00
    9004. Spectacles, goggles and the like; corrective, protective or other92.00
    7320. Springs and leaves for springs, of iron or steel313.00
    7218. Stainless steel in ingots or other primary forms; semi-finished products of stainless steel676,109.00
    1108. Starches; inulin54,350.00
    8305. Stationery; fittings for loose-leaf binders or files, letter clips, letter corners, paper clips, indexing tags and the like, staples in strips (for offices, upholstery, packaging), of base metal2.00
    6913. Statuettes and other ornamental ceramic articles30.00
    6815. Stone or other mineral substances; articles thereof (including articles of peat), n.e.s. or included73.00
    7312. Stranded wire, ropes, cables, plaited bands, slings and the like, of iron or steel, not electrically insulated614.00
    7308. Structures of iron or steel and parts thereof; plates, rods, angles, shapes, sections, tubes and the like, prepared for use in structures83,981.00
    1704. Sugar confectionery (including white chocolate), not containing cocoa128,508.00
    6203. Suits, ensembles, jackets, blazers, trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches and shorts (other than swimwear); men's or boys' (not knitted or crocheted)10,683.00
    6103. Suits, ensembles, jackets, blazers, trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches, shorts (not swimwear); men's or boys', knitted or crocheted440.00
    6104. Suits, ensembles, jackets, dresses, skirts, divided skirts, trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches and shorts (not swimwear), women's or girls', knitted or crocheted11,575.00
    6204. Suits, ensembles, jackets, dresses, skirts, divided skirts, trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches and shorts (other than swimwear); women's or girls' (not knitted or crocheted)57,171.00
    1512. Sun-flower seed, safflower or cotton-seed oil and their fractions; whether or not refined, but not chemically modified2,325,692.00
    9015. Surveying (including photogrammetrical surveying), hydrographic, oceanographic, hydrological, meteorological or geophysical instruments and appliances, excluding compasses, rangefinders76,313.00
    1214. Swedes, mangolds, fodder roots, hay, lucerne (alfalfa), clover, sainfoin, forage kale, lupines, vetches and similar forage products, whether or not in the form of pellets100,741.00
    5402. Synthetic filament yarn (other than sewing thread), not put up for retail sale, including synthetic monofilament of less than 67 decitex10,535.00
    6109. T-shirts, singlets and other vests; knitted or crocheted5,743.00
    7323. Table, kitchen, other household articles and parts, of iron or steel; iron or steel wool; pot scourers and scouring or polishing pads, gloves and the like, of iron or steel3,720.00
    3924. Tableware, kitchenware, other household articles and toilet articles, of plastics60,782.00
    6911. Tableware, kitchenware, other household articles and toilet articles; of porcelain or china5,228.00
    9618. Tailors' dummies and other lay figures; automata and other animated displays used for shop window dressing120.00
    4104. Tanned or crust hides and skins of bovine (including buffalo) or equine animals, without hair on, whether or not split, but not further prepared1,019,658.00
    8481. Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like, including pressure-reducing valves and thermostatically controlled valves114,063.00
    0902. Tea815,240.00
    8517. Telephone sets, including telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks; other apparatus for the transmission or reception of voice, images or other data (including wired/wireless networks), excluding items of 8443, 8525, 8527, or 8528119,835.00
    8528. Television receivers (including video monitors and projectors); combined or not in the same housing with radio-broadcast receivers, sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus34,117.00
    5903. Textile fabrics impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with plastics, other than those of heading no. 59022,758.00
    5911. Textile products and articles for technical uses; specified in note 7 to this chapter619.00
    6307. Textiles; made up articles n.e.s. in chapter 63, including dress patterns2,245.00
    6309. Textiles; worn clothing and other worn articles17,976.00
    6215. Ties, bow ties and cravats (not knitted or crocheted)72.00
    2401. Tobacco, unmanufactured; tobacco refuse3,202,371.00
    4818. Toilet paper, width 36cm or less or cut to size/shape; handkerchiefs, tissues, towels, serviettes, bed sheets and similar household or hospital articles, apparel and clothing accessories of paper pulp, paper, cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibres14,111.00
    0702. Tomatoes; fresh or chilled19,647,289.00
    2002. Tomatoes; prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid49,178.00
    8205. Tools, hand; (including glaziers' diamonds) n.e.s.; blow lamps; vices, clamps etc, not accessories for or parts of machine tools; anvils; portable forges; hand, pedal operated grinding wheels with frameworks2,428.00
    8203. Tools, hand; files, rasps, pliers (including cutting pliers), pincers, tweezers, metal cutting shears, pipe cutters, bolt croppers, perforating punches and similar1,009.00
    8204. Tools, hand; hand-operated spanners and wrenches (including torque meter wrenches but not including tap wrenches), interchangeable spanner sockets, with or without handles3,350.00
    8202. Tools, hand; saws and blades for saws of all kinds (including slitting, slotting or toothless blades)8.00
    8206. Tools, hand; two or more of heading no. 8202 to 8205, put up in sets for retail sale106.00
    8207. Tools, interchangeable; for hand tools, whether or not power-operated, or for machine tools (pressing, stamping, punching, drilling etc), including dies for drawing or extruding metal, and rock drilling or earth boring tools127,247.00
    8467. Tools; for working in the hand, pneumatic, hydraulic or with self-contained electric or non-electric motor28,000.00
    6112. Track suits, ski suits and swimwear; knitted or crocheted158.00
    6211. Track suits, swimwear and other garments (not knitted or crocheted)4,579.00
    8716. Trailers and semi-trailers; other vehicles, not mechanically propelled; parts thereof3,194.00
    4908. Transfers (decalcomanias)705.00
    8525. Transmission apparatus for radio-telephony, radio-telegraphy, radio-broadcasting or television, whether or not incorporating reception/sound recording/reproducing apparatus; TV and still image video cameras; other video camera recorders; digital cameras69,109.00
    8529. Transmission apparatus; parts suitable for use solely or principally with the apparatus of heading no. 8525 to 8528539.00
    8483. Transmission shafts (including cam and crank); bearing housings and plain shaft bearings, gears and gearing, ball screws, gear boxes, flywheels and pulleys, clutches18,375.00
    9503. Tricycles, scooters, pedal cars and similar wheeled toys; dolls' carriages; dolls; other toys; reduced-size (scale) models and similar recreational models, working or not; puzzles of all kinds5,813.00
    4202. Trunks; suit, camera, jewellery, cutlery cases; travel, tool, similar bags; wholly or mainly covered by leather, composition leather, plastic sheeting, textile materials, vulcanised fibre, paperboard8,368.00
    7307. Tube or pipe fittings (eg couplings, elbows, sleeves), of iron or steel11,856.00
    7305. Tubes and pipes (eg welded, riveted or similarly closed), internal and external circular cross-sections, external diameter of which exceeds 406.4mm, of iron or steel12,760.00
    7304. Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles, seamless, of iron (other than cast iron) or steel2,059,780.00
    3917. Tubes, pipes and hoses and fittings thereof (for example, joints, elbows, flanges), of plastics485,150.00
    4009. Tubes, pipes and hoses, of vulcanised rubber (other than hard rubber), with or without their fittings (eg joints, elbows, flanges)6,965.00
    5804. Tulles and other net fabrics; not including woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics; lace in the piece, in strips or in motifs, (other than fabrics of headings 60.02 to 60.06)64.00
    8411. Turbo-jets, turbo-propellers and other gas turbines535,608.00
    8519. Turntables, record players, cassette-players and other sound reproducing apparatus; not incorporating a sound recording device410.00
    6601. Umbrellas; sun umbrellas (including walking stick umbrellas, garden umbrellas and similar umbrellas)25.00
    4805. Uncoated paper and paperboard n.e.s., in rolls or sheets15,376.00
    6107. Underpants, briefs, nightshirts, pyjamas, bathrobes, dressing gowns and similar articles; men's or boys', knitted or crocheted1,213.00
    4907. Unused postage, revenue or similar stamps of current or new issue in the country to which destined; stamp-impressed paper; cheque forms; banknotes, stock, share or bond certificates and the like305,945.00
    8508. Vacuum cleaners10,912.00
    9617. Vacuum flasks and other vacuum vessels, complete with cases; parts thereof other than glass inners28.00
    2308. Vegetable materials and vegetable waste, vegetable residues and bi-products; whether or not in the form of pellets, of a kind used in animal feeding, not elsewhere specified or included139,680.00
    1404. Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included51,569.00
    1302. Vegetable saps and extracts; pectic substances, pectinates and pectates; agar-agar and other mucilages and thickeners, whether or not modified, derived from vegetable products690.00
    2005. Vegetables preparations n.e.s.; prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid, not frozen, other than products of heading no. 2006120,901.00
    2001. Vegetables, fruit, nuts and other edible parts of plants; prepared or preserved by vinegar or acetic acid27,972.00
    2006. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, fruit-peel and other parts of plants, preserved by sugar (drained, glace or crystallised)23.00
    0709. Vegetables; n.e.c. in chapter 07, fresh or chilled991,057.00
    8704. Vehicles; for the transport of goods6,000.00
    9504. Video game consoles and machines, articles for funfair, table or parlour games, including pintables, billiards, special tables for casino games and automatic bowling alley equipment324.00
    8521. Video recording or reproducing apparatus300.00
    4707. Waste and scrap of paper and paperboard9,570.00
    8548. Waste and scrap of primary cells, primary batteries and electric accumulators; spent primary cells, spent primary batteries and spent electric accumulators; electrical parts of machinery or apparatus, n.e.s. or included elsewhere in chapter 85440.00
    3915. Waste, parings and scrap, of plastics89,730.00
    2202. Waters, including mineral and aerated waters, containing added sugar or sweetening matter, flavoured; other non-alcoholic beverages, not including fruit or vegetable juices of heading no. 2009381,311.00
    2201. Waters, including natural or artificial mineral waters and aerated waters, not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter nor flavoured; ice and snow34,418.00
    8423. Weighing machines; excluding balances of a sensitivity of 5cg or better, including weight operated counting or checking machines and weights of all kinds14.00
    1001. Wheat and meslin13.00
    2204. Wine of fresh grapes, including fortified wines; grape must other than that of heading no. 2009617,587.00
    8311. Wires, rods, tubes, plates, electrodes of base metal or metal carbides; of a kind used for soldering, brazing, welding; wires and rods for metal spraying2,093.00
    4421. Wooden articles n.e.s. in heading no. 4414 to 44204,335.00
    4414. Wooden frames; for paintings, photographs, mirrors or similar objects10.00
    5208. Woven fabrics of cotton, containing 85% or more by weight of cotton, weighing not more than 200 g/m2159,645.00
    5407. Woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn, including woven fabrics obtained from materials of heading no. 540419,686.00
    9102. Wrist-watches, pocket-watches, stop-watches and other watches, other than those of heading no. 910111,292.00
    9022. X-ray, alpha, beta, gamma radiation apparatus; x-ray tubes, x-ray generators, high tension generators, control panels and desks, screens, examination or treatment tables, chairs and the like2,522.00
    2102. Yeasts (active or inactive); other single-cell micro-organisms, dead (but not including vaccines of heading no. 3002); prepared baking powders87,156.00
    2817. Zinc; oxide and peroxide20,700.00
    7901. Zinc; unwrought106,200.00